Molecular MS Diagnostics...


MMSD is in the R&D Business for life sciences.  We provide uniquely powerful solutions to our clients, accelerating their analytical and bio-analytical research, empowering them to improve patients lives.

Services Available

Analytical Services:
  • Assay and impurity HPLC testing for drug substance, drug products
  • Method development, verification/validation, method transfer
  • Dissolution Testing
Bioanalytical Services:
  • Plasma/blood stability assays
  • Plasma and urine analysis of generic drugs and NCE's
  • LC-MS/MS method development, verification/validation, method transfer
Strategic Product Development:
  • Accurate knowledge of unmet need in the product market
  • Beneficial planning and management of product development
  • Effective management of resources and tools

Sample Prep Tips

These tricks and tips will save time and trouble further downstream:

  • Never heat frozen plasma in a water bath to hasten thawing, as this will cause unwanted protein precipitation. Allow it to thaw out at room temperature, just plan ahead.
  • When investigation drug-in-plasma stability, be sure to perform at least three freeze cycles, otherwise you may find unexpected surprises caused by drug solubility and/or matrix instability. Be diligent in this step during method development.
  • To solve carryover problems, always chose a wash solvent/solvents most soluble for your analyte. The best approach is to wash with the most soluble, non-polar solvent, followed by the most soluble polar (aqueous) solvent. Differences in pH can have a dramatic effect on analyte solubility, so chose the pH of your polar solvent wisely.

Method development tips

Maximize efficiency with these simple method development tips...

  • Don't reinvent the wheel! Do some research to see what others have already developed. This will provide a proven base to develop your method fast.
  • Know what your analyte is soluble in and how it may behave with changes in pH. And never assume it is soluble in a typical nonpolar solvent. The solubility should also be determined through testing.
  • A thorough understanding of detectors and their various settings will aid in choosing which system will work best with your particular analyte.Switching to a more selective wavelength can help reveal what may be co-eluting or increase selectivity.
  • After demonstrating precision and accuracy, be sure to perform an analyte degradation analysis to establish stability indicators as early as possible.

News & Events

MMSD is now ISO9001-2015 Certified

MMSD will be attending:

Interphex, NY

     April 17 - 18, 2018


PEGS, Boston

     April 30 - May 4, 2018


MMSD celebrates 11th anniversary

MMSD establishes Testing Lab for Analysis of Counterfeit Drugs/Medicines - 2018

MMSD moved its new analytical and bioanalytical testing facility in Warwick, RI in March of 2015

Expanded 2018 Services include Heavy Metals Testing with ICP-MS, HPLC with Charged Aerosol Detection (CAD)