Customized R&D Support

    Being a boutique R&D facility affords us with the flexibility that larger CRO facilities cannot offer. Our processes are streamlined, cutting out middle approvals and parties to give you the most efficient and successful outcomes.

Analytical Services

  • Assay and impurity HPLC testing for drug substance, drug products
  • Method development, verification/validation and method transfer
  • Extractables and Leechables Testing
  • Counterfeit Drug Testing

Bioanalytical Services

  • Plasma/blood stability assays
  • Plasma and urine analysis of generic drugs and NCE’s
  • LC-MS/MS method development, verification/validation and method transfer

Product Development Services

  • Stability testing
  • ICH conditions 25C/60%RH, 30C/60%RH, and 40C/75%RH
  • Pre-formulation development
  • Photostability testing
  • De-formulation
  • Feasibility study (Phase I, POP)
  • Partnering with MedCommence